Why “Half-kids”? Well, we have this beautiful family of five golden children. But we only have them every other week at this point. The other weeks they stay with their other parents. Patrick, Diesel, Tyson, Sadie, & Brody have all become a tight-knit family that love each other very much.

So enjoy perusing our posts! Laugh and cry with us as we tell the world about our daily adventures, challenges, failures, and successes. If you like us, tell your friends by sharing on your favorite social network. Who knows, maybe one day, we’ll be able to sell our story to Hollywood and afford college for our gang.


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  • Pre-Teens & Social Media

    Pre-Teens & Social Media

    Our oldest just graduated 6th grade and while we’ve done our best to keep him off of social media, we felt it was time to introduce him to the world of Instagram. We’re watching his activity closely and following his friends and followers to see what they’re posting as well. It’s scary for us but we try to educate our kids about the evils of the world and we feel it’s better to have them learn while they’re still close …

  • Losses


    It’s a hard week in the #FHK House. Technically, we’re not even supposed to have the kids this week but, in a multi-household family, it’s important that we support everyone around our brood. Patrick, Sadie, and Brody’s grandpa is dealing with a very serious illness which required that their dad travel back to Massachusetts in short order. So we received them back home a few days ahead of schedule. There’s a lot of sadness inside of them as they’re dealing with the …

  • “Please Send Help!”

    “Please Send Help!”

    Having a sense of humor is an absolute must for any parent. Sometimes the only option is to laugh. Take a few weeks ago as an example. Out of 7 people in our house, six were puking within 24 hours of each other. I was the only person holding it together and thank goodness there was at least one adult that wasn’t closely examining the bottom of a bucket or the inside of the toilet. (See the facebook update). At one …

  • Shaky Shaky!

    Shaky Shaky!

    We had quite a shaker this morning here at the house with the kids. about 7:40 this morning we had a 4.6 earthquake and it shook our house pretty good. The younger kids were visibly upset and Brody cried for a few minutes. After we explained earthquakes a bit, the kids calmed down and then they were excited to talk to their friends at school. Nothing came off the walls and the kids will be okay…Isn’t California great!?  

  • Story Time – SpiderMan vs. the Lizard

    Story Time – SpiderMan vs. the Lizard

    Tyson took a moment to read a story to Brody the other morning before church. Diesel walked by and decided it was a good enough story to join in. It’s so cool to see the kids blend like they have. We’re truly blessed.

  • Chalk Art on the Playground

    Chalk Art on the Playground

    Every year, Diesel and Tyson’s school sections off a portion of the blacktop on the playground for chalk art. Each child gets their own square and a box of pastels. It’s awesome to see all the kids out there working at drawing, blending, and smoothing.

  • The Kite

    The Kite

    Once there was a boy and he wanted a kite. His birthday was coming up soon. The next morning he asked his mom if he could have a kite for his birthday. Her anwser was maybe. Tomorrow was his birthday. Then mom said yes,he was so exited that he cried. The night he went to sleep he could not go to sleep.His mom stuck a note under his pillow it said: “Dear Brody, I am so sorry but you can …

  • Lice…again? You’ve got to be kidding me!

    Lice…again? You’ve got to be kidding me!

    Okay, so this is the third time this school year that we’ve seen lice in our house. It seems ridiculous that we would see them in our house again but we picked the kids up Wednesday night to have a family dinner on our “off-week” and, on a whim, Courtney asked the kids, “Has anyone’s head been itching?” (We’re a little cautious after having lice in the house off and on for the last 2 months) And wouldn’t you know, …

  • Quiet on set!

    Quiet on set!

    We had a sick little one last Saturday…happens a lot this time of year. Brody was down and out on the couch so I decided I would get the other 4 involved in a project. I brought up the idea of making a movie and the kids thought zombies was the perfect topic. We discussed story ideas then Patrick and Diesel drew out some storyboards. Patrick even designed a shirt that the zombie would wear. We took one of his …